If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, April 12, 2018

April goals -Kitchen is done ✅

One of my April goals was to clean and declutter our kitchen.  I knew it would be a big job and I really didn’t think it would all get accomplished this month but I’m very happy to post that it is done. 

The after pictures look so much better so I am going to show them first.  

All of my vintage Pyrex is now in one cabinet.  I’m considering taking the doors off but I have mixed feelings about it.  For now,  I’m happy to open the doors, see all the Pyrex and easily get out the one I need.   

Below is the cabinet that now holds baking things.  

One of the things I wanted to change was to not have anything (for now) on top of the cabinets.  
I like the emptiness of it very much.  

The food pantry has been straightened from bottom to top- it’s hard to photograph because it’s sort of on an angle 

Right across from the food pantry, is the junk pantry and it also has been decluttered and organized better.  

The artsy way to display Pyrex bowls is have them raised up inside each other so all the designs and colors show.  My cabinet shelves are not very tall but I found these sturdy little portion containers at Dollar Tree.  I put them inside each bowl to stack the next smaller one on top and they made them the perfect height and rise for my cabinet.  

For this corner cabinet,  I did put a few things back in it but it is kind of like a black hole if I’m not careful.  
I wrote down everything I put in it, then typed it up in big bold letters and taped it to the inside of the door.  
This should make it way easier on the rare occasions  I need the punch bowl, or cookie cutters, or........

9 year old grandson Gavin was a big help with this kitchen clean up.  
He stood on the countertops and handed down all the stuff than used to be displayed on the upper cabinet tops. 
Then he cleaned out this crazy corner cabinet.  
See how deep it is?  

He can fit all the way straight laying on the shelf.  

Below is what the kitchen looked like for a few days while the work was in progress.  😱😬


Our house is several trash bags full lighter and I have 3 tubs full of kitchen things that will be leaving here soon too.  I still want to give the counters and backsplash a deep cleaning.  

I haven’t accomplished all my April goals but I’m very happy this big big decluttering and organizing job is done! ✅

Hope you all are having a good April, even with surprising weather and in Oklahoma, the teacher walkout is on day #9.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter eggs and April goals and lists, lists, lists

Good morning, 
We had fun on Sunday. First was church, and then we 
Ate eggs

Colored eggs 

And had an indoor egg hunt with plastic eggs because  we’re having cold, wet, windy weather and it just wasn’t nice enough for an outdoor hunt. 

Son Bobby couldn’t be here for Easter but before the holiday, he brought us 2 bunny butter sculptures from Winco.  It was just fun have fancy butter and it was very good tasting butter too. 

Our Easter Menu- 
Ham from Aldi- my husband smoked it on the patio 
Rolls from Aldi and Bunny shaped butters from my son 
Deviled eggs 
Pickle tray 
Fruit tray -my brother 
Fresh spinach salad - Jimmy and JohnMark 
Corn casserole in crockpot 
Green beans in crockpot 
Carrot cupcakes -Nina 
Blackberry pie, apple pie- my dad 
Tea- lemonade 

I had help and I planned make ahead things that would be ready to eat at noon when we got home from church 

I usually plan a weekly to do list and this April, I’m trying a list of goals for this month. 

Our pantry and freezer are just too full (and messy) so I plan to continue using foods from them all month and buying just fresh produce and dairy items as needed.  

I want to finish all those sleeping shorts. 
I got a brand new sewing machine in December but I haven’t even used it.  I keep using my old machine as I haven’t had time to sit and follow the instructions to learn how to use the new machine.  The new Brother one has a lot more functions than my old Necchi one.  So, learning the new machine is an April goal.  

To keep track of April goals, I found this free printable sheet.  
It’s great for the daily things,  


Here’s my weekly to-do list, not pretty but functional 

The question mark this week is the public teacher issue- they are striking for now and it’s unsure how long it will last.  So, I had 3 grandchildren here on Monday.  We stayed pretty busy in the morning going to visit my parents and brother and then we went to this little guy’s school where they are serving meals during the walkout.  
We went for lunch and my three really enjoyed the school cafeteria.  
The cafeteria is also serving breakfast but my 3 were their first diners all day.  While we were there, 2 others came and that was all. 
They offer the free meals because they think there is a need in the community for it but I’m not sure. 
Anyway, we went because the kiddos wanted to and they are missing their teachers and friends.  They got lots of attention from the support staff members that are still working and they  got a good lunch that I didn’t have to prepare or clean up. 
Later in the day, the school system nutrition director asked on Facebook for people to please bring their children for the meals.  If children don’t come, the schools don’t get reimbursed.  

Then we had rest time.  JJ, who is almost 5, had such a busy Easter weekend and Monday morning, he pretty much passed out once he laid down. ❤️ 

Hope you all have a good week! 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Bargains, packing stuff to donate and a silly boy

I stopped at Goodwill and bought 1 bag of fabric for $4.44

Inside was 2+ yards of the strawberry cotton knit, that I think will make a cute summer top for me.  I like it very much!
3 yards of lightweight green sweater knit that might make a fall top or sweater 
The other 2 pieces were strange synthetics I don’t care for and I didn’t keep them.  

Walmart has a markdown bread rack.  I always browse it and pick up items I think we would like.  
This week I got 2 bags of 6 count bollilos for .59 each and a small pack of Naan for $.80
We’ve always been happy with the quality of this markdown bread.  If we won’t eat it right away,  I freeze it until needed.  

I cleaned out unwanted clothes from our closet this week and then took them and donated them. 
Instead of putting them in new trash bags to transport, I folded the clothes into stacks and then tied up each stack with some old yarn.  
Trash bags are expensive so using yarn saved that money. 
And tying them in yarn added a handle to each bundle and made them easy to carry.  

This is how I found JackJack when I woke him up from his nap.  That is not how I put him in the bed. 
And no, I don’t normally wake up sleeping toddlers but he had slept for several hours and it was time to get his brother from school.  

Jeff and Rhonda

Jeff and Rhonda